Logistics Operation - General Services
Crystal Link Technology integrates rich logistics resources, built a nationwide transportation and storage network, and provides customers with multiple temperature one-stop logistics operation and management services。
General Services
Long Haul Transportation Service
  • Coverage:
    More than 70 hub nodes in Asia.
  • Scope of services:
    Provincial transportation, direct distribution to warehouse; appointment management, electronic receipt, GPS monitoring; transportation node control
  • Temperature Type:
    Room temperature, cold storage, freezing, constant temperature
  • Cooperation Mode:
    Shared vehicle service, full vehicle service
Distribution service
  • Collaboration mode:
    Less than Truckload, Full load
  • Required temperature:
    Ambient temperature, chilled, frozen, constant temperature
  • Management & support:
    Intelligent dispatch, online order tracking, intelligent routing dispatch. Online order, payment and etc.
  • Distribution endpoint:
    F&B outlet, supermarket stores (hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores) and etc.
Warehousing management service
  • Coverage area:
    6 hub nodes, supporting multiple temperature layers, covering the core provincial capital cities, and the continuous construction of the deep network of coastal third tier cities
  • Basic services:
    Storage management, warehousing, inventory management
  • Value added services:
    Break bulk, repacking, labeling, order processing, cargo loss reporting, etc
  • Cooperation mode:
    Exclusive warehouse management of contract customers, cooperation according to business volume (warehouse / storage location), etc
Some customers with typical use cases