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Crystal Accounts – Reconciliation and Settlement System
Provide automatic billing, flexible account settlement settings, automatic invoice generation, online reconciliation between upstream and downstream, online payment and etc. Reconciliation process is more efficient and accurate with matching account payables and receivables.
Industry pain points

There are various types of customers and suppliers, each of them has different payment terms and billing cycle, very time-consuming in reconciliation and settlement.

Our values to the industry

  • Enable upstream and downstream partners in supply chain to perform online account reconciliation and review.
  • Provide upstream and downstream partners in supply chain with various statistics and reports.
  • Ready API to integrate with various accounting software systems.
Online payment

Support various types of online payment and allow advance payment or credit term setting to facilitate account settlement.

Online reconciliation

Through collaboration between upstream and downstream enterprises, auto-calculated expense and online reconciliation can be done effortlessly. 

Billing engine

Based on the set item price, charging rule and rate, every transaction in the supply chain will be  captured, providing various billings in respective account. 

Some customers with typical use cases