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Crystal Transport – Intelligent Transport Management System
Through the integration of software and hardware, the logistics process can be controllable, visible and traceable. Combined with a powerful billing engine, every charge and bill record is clear and transparent.
Industry pain points

  • Dispatch of logistics order is done manually; very time-consuming
  • Logistics charge and reconciliation is done manually; poor efficiency
  • Logistics status can only be tracked through phone call; high communication cost.
Our values to the industry
  • Dispatch management, fast loading and scheduling, improve efficiency and loading capacity;
  • Realize real-time monitoring of transportation process, receive anomaly alerts, reduce labor cost;
  • Powerful billing engine that realizes various ways of delivery rate/charge auto- calculation, improving the efficiency and accuracy of settlement;
  • Dispatching process can also be done through mobile app, job assignment can be performed at anytime and anywhere
Intelligent dispatch

Delivery orders can be intelligently dispatched according to different groupings, routes and regions. The dispatching process time is reduced significantly with optimized routing, reducing transportation and management costs.

Mobile app

Using mobile app to perform dispatch, pick-up, job transfer, in-transit feedback, POD and etc.

Full journey visibility

Through collaboration with upstream, downstream partners and integration with other service providers, entire transportation  information such as real-time order status, location, temperature, humidity data, anomaly feedback are available from our platform.

Manageable delivery journey

Able to  have real-time control of transportation process and operation through our mobile and desktop app.

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