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Intelligent Multi-warehouse Management System
Through sophisticated algorithm and hardware integration, improve the efficiency of operation in the warehouse; manage the in transit inventory and multi warehouse within the same system, realize the overall management of supply chain inventory.
Industry pain points
  • Accounts are not tallied, unable to provide records in timely manner.
  • Lack of centralized control and management of multiple warehouses in multiple locations.
  • Inaccurate inventory level and locations, resulting in product expiry or inventory losses, or wrong order placements
  • Low efficiency in the warehouse operation.
Our values to the industry
  • Realize real-time inventory monitoring of multiple warehouses
  • Real time safety stock alert and intelligent replenishment
  • Intelligent management of different types of warehouses
  • Hardware and software can be integrated seamlessly, improve operation efficiency
Central inventory management

Realize the unified management of multi warehouse inventory, manage and monitor the goods in and out of warehouses in all regions at any time, provide real-time inventory status, fulfill the requirements of inventory cost control.

Integration of software and hardware

Support the integration with various external hardware devices, such as temperature and humidity controllers, electronic scale, RFID, PDA and other devices.  Realize the monitoring and alert on temperature and humidity data, effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operations such as receiving, stock take, inbound, outbound and etc.

Intelligent strategy

Through the rule and strategy settings, quality inspection, put-away, distribution, picking, replenishment and other operations in the warehouse can be implemented to meet the requirement of different operational scenarios.

Inventory alert

Set safety stock level, real-time monitoring and alerts setting to achieve intelligent replenishment.

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