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Crystal Link Software Platform Overview
Crystal Management – Intelligent Order Management System
Orders, purchases, restock and sales orders are managed in different ways, using different rules to automate intelligent processing or consolidation, enabling the flow of data from enterprise to its upstream or downstream partners to achieve a supply chain ecosystem.
Industry pain points
  • Variety of orders, manual input or import result in low efficiency
  • Low efficiency in managing orders, resulting in high error rate and labour cost
  • Hard to manage multiple sales channels with different pricing, causes high error rates.
  • Unable to integrate orders with warehouse and distribution, resulting in multiple re-entry and reconciliation.
Our values to the industry
  • Multi-channel order mode - from PC to Apps
  • Different types of orders can be accessed quickly and integrated efficiently.
  • Unified order management, intelligent order splitting, order receiving; real-time tracking and query.
  • Support franchising and direct outlets order requests, to achieve unified purchase and distribution and direct delivery from suppliers.
Multi-channel order

Support PC / App /  Wechat and other online order systems, status of order can be tracked at anytime, vehicle tracking and temperature and humidity real-time information, receiving confirmation, logistics service rating & complaints and full order process visibility.

Upstream and downstream collaboration

PC / mobile phone order, order review, return management, order query, order tracking.

Intelligent order distribution

Batch review order request, support multi-dimensional and multiple rules for order distribution, improve order processing speed and accuracy.

Certification / Qualification management

Upload Item cert., qualification/approval cert., real-time view and alert; supplier information and qualification management;

Some customers with typical use cases