SaaS Product
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Leverage SaaS products to provide more intelligent services
Data-driven purchasing, production, sales and logistics, helping enterprises build a brand-new digitalized supply chain.
Crystal Dashboard

Provide real-time monitoring dashboard for key processes in supply chain, including transportation scheduling, order status, inventory level, in-transit vehicle and other information.

Crystal Bidding

By bringing in partners, service requestor, warehouse and transport resources into  the platform, we are able to match supply and demand from businesses through bidding.

Crystal Analytics

There are many potential values of data in the cloud, such as ability to predict the market trend, etc. Thus, we aim to become data analytics and business intelligence platform, so that enterprises will be able to make their business decisions more precisely and effectively.

Crystal Finance

Provide supply chain financing products to platform users, including inter warehouse pledge, factoring financing, insurance finance, etc. 

Establish supply chain finance access conditions, evaluation mechanism and credit line approval, providing different management indicators and control measures for all parties.